What we do

We Make Toys, You Make Memories

What sets a toy store apart in an age when the market is flooded with toys in every conceivable size, shape, shade, and species?


Its story.

This is no children’s story, but it’s a story with children at the heart. LazyBaby was born one lazy evening in 2019 in Panipat. We were talking to a parent whose child had named their favourite toy sheep for their favourite grandparent who lived far, far away on a cattle farm. This was when we knew we wanted to create toys inspired by children and stories like these.

Instead of mass-producing generic toys, we collected information, opinions, and stories from experts in business, manufacturing, and, most importantly, parents and children.

Every toy in our collection has its own backstory. When someone buys one of our toys, they are buying something laden with significance, which only doubles when a little owner attaches meaning and memory to it.

Company Overview

At Lazybaby, we try to deliver best quality products made from best quality raw material procured very diligently from around the world. With safety and quality being our highest regards, all our toys are made in strict adherence to all the safety standards. Our in house embroidery, designing, sampling departments work endlessly to bring new designs to you every day and we can customise designs based on our customers need.

We assure you that kids are bound to fall in love with our products!